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Here is a selection of videos I wrote - and performed in. All the music, design, production and editing is my work. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Doctor Long. A sample scene for a TV sitcom in development

#ActorsLife - The funny and frustrating pitfalls of the acting world

Black Slate Towers - The terrifying tale of a man with half a beard

SoDDIT - Can a party with no policies win the election? Probably...

Not Detached - A song I wrote when I was cross... 

The UK number 1 song when I was born. This is my take on it...

Violins Are Good - I took up the fiddle at forty. It was difficult...

(I Don't Wanna Be) A Dirty Girl No More - Dot and Maureen clean up!

Born to Teach - A jaded school teacher has a dark fantasy

Ennui de Noir - Two sexy cleaners find the ultimate cure for ennui

Queen Margaret wants a word! A comedy promo video

Genre is a Dirty Word - If you get put in a box, jump out and fight

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