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Ian Renshaw, Helen Manners and William Shakespeare

Join a cast of two playing a whole host of characters as they cheerfully present The Bard's chilling tale of plots, prophecies and power. Prepare yourself for a great deal of lamenting, dissembling and beholding! Plus some more lamenting...

The Travesty of Richard III has enjoyed enthusiastic audience responses and great reviews since its first sell-out premiere at The Guildford Fringe Festival in 2018. 

Our play features original music by Ian Renshaw including this frankly astonishing show number. Click on the video below to watch Arrest, Imprison and Destroy...

The show packs neatly into a van and is ready to roll - to your venue!  We work in small theatres, pub venues and outside settings. Why not invite the treacherous Richard of Gloucester to your home for a private party? Please do get in touch if you'd like more info.

Have us over at your place

Queen Margaret's had the painters in: our upgraded set for 2019

"That was the best, hellzapoppin' rollercoaster

version of Shakespeare I've ever seen!"

We love to promote our show in print and online. Check out these promo videos which Ian created to progressively engage (and pressure!) potential audience members. We enjoy working with event organisers and venues in imaginative ways to help fill those seats.

CLICK HERE to download a pdf of the programme. 

We give these to audiences before the show to help them understand what they've let themselves in for. Also to help them understand the plot...

Queen Margaret D'Anjou. One of Richard's many enemies. Only here for the free booze.

Audience reviews

A joy from start to finish.

Just wanted to say thanks to Ian and Helen (and all those behind the scenes) for a great night out at the

Star Inn. It was chuckles all night watching these two

go through a bunch of characters with hilarious personalities. Hats off to all!

Richard III venue rider The Travesty of Richard III comedy shakespeare Ian Renshaw actor prop maker designer musician.png

Brilliantly acted and written. Suits the small stage perfectly even though the personalities are huge! 

Technical stuff and contact

The set for The Travesty of Richard III is simple and easy to set up, but we do have some height and stage area considerations. Please CLICK HERE to download our technical rider. We aim to be accommodating and flexible, so please do let us know if you have any questions.

What's the USP?

One of Shakespeare's darkest plays made accessible through comedy!

Call Ian on 07791 086 449

Email: ian@ianrenshaw.com or use the contact form below.

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