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Jack of some trades...?

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. The first one that isn't an automated thingy from Wix that I don't understand, that is... Let's start with a tentative rant:

Along with "middle aged", a phrase I struggle to enjoy is "Jack of all trades, master of none...". This oft-used trope suggests that you can't focus on more than one thing, or that to be a.. Renaissance person is a tad flakey. Instead I say, if you like all the toys play with all the toys. You might have seen from my website that I do design work, and act, and write music - and that might seem that I conduct my life like a colander - leaking water (creative flow, ya..) from a lot of holes - rather than a fiercely gushing funnel. But... it still is only one colander; I mean, I don't do maths. Or sports.

I slosh around in a joyous 'making and doing' colander - where music, art, theatre design and performance actually, on closer inspection, have something in common; using the creative process to tell a story in response to a brief.

Talking of brief, is this 300 words yet?

Well, this is a bit of test run, but I hope I managed to cynically insert enough meta-stuff to catapult my website to page one of Google. I'm not sure how all this works, but I'm beginning to get the idea having spent all day working on my site SEO (which stands for Super Electronic Opportunities, I think).

Oh, and it's "latter youth" not middle aged...

Have all the joy

Ian x

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